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My name is Brian Burns and I am running as a Democratic candidate for the 2018 election for New York State Senate - District 2.  I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community.

My race could determine the balance of control for the NY State Senate this November.  Currently, the NY State Senate has 32 Republicans and 31 Democrats.  However, there are 8 Democrats who call themselves the IDC (Independent Democratic Conference).  These members recently aligned with the Republican majority, effectively giving them 40 seats.  There has been a recent effort for the IDC to rejoin the mainline Democrats.  However, these members cannot be trusted because they have cozied up to the Republicans over the years.  The implications of this race can have far-reaching consequences for all New Yorkers.

My opponent is John Flanagan who is the Republican incumbent.  He is currently the majority leader of the New York State Senate and an enthusiastic Trump supporter.  Help me defeat him in November and I am hopeful that together, we can bring about the much-needed change to end the corrupt politics in New York and bring the power back to the people for real reform.

In Solidarity,

-Brian Burns

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