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Private Citizen:


Brian Burns

Career Politician:


John Flanagan


Brian supports a tax cut for the middle class and for small business – not more major tax cuts for powerful corporations.

Flanagan supports cutting taxes for the wealthy and top one percent of earners.


Brian believes in quality affordable healthcare for everyone, as a RIGHT. He supports a single-payer system for ALL New Yorkers.

Flanagan has been a major opponent of healthcare funding. He staunchly opposes healthcare as a right for every New Yorker.


Brian believes in a strong, sustainable and dynamic economy. He supports creating jobs by enacting common-sense legislation to rein in the corruption of big banks and Wall Street – while protecting and shielding those on main street.

Flanagan staunchly opposes any more government oversight of big banks and Wall Street. He believes in the flawed model of “trickle-down” economics and supports tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations.

Women's Rights Brian supports a women's right to choose.  He is pro-choice and supports efforts to codify Roe v. Wade in the New York State Constitution.  He will protect a women's right to choose. Flanagan is pro-life and does not support a women's right to choose.  He does not support codifying Roe v. Wade in the New York State Constitution and will not protect a women's right to choose.


Brian believes that everyone should have access to affordable education. He believes that public universities and colleges should be tuition-free. He also believes that the State’s TAP program should be expanded to graduate students.

Flanagan is in opposition to supporting the expansion of TAP for graduate students and does not make accessing affordable education a priority.

Climate Change

Brian supports legislation to curb carbon emissions in the State. He also realizes that renewable energy is the future and will create new clean energy jobs.

Flanagan is highly skeptical regarding climate change and does not perceive it to be the single most important crisis that we face.

Social Issues

Brian is a proud member of the LGBTQ community. He fully endorses supporting every person’s civil rights, ending all types of discrimination and standing up to bullies. He also supports enacting GENDA to protect transgender members of the community and banning conversion therapy.

Flanagan does not support the diverse LGBTQ community. He opposes banning conversion therapy and GENDA and refuses to bring either up for a floor vote. Also, he does not stand up to bullies like Donald Trump, but emphatically endorses them instead.


Brian endorses the NY State DREAM Act, allowing undocumented immigrants to obtain state ID’s and designating NY State as a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants.

Flanagan vehemently opposes designating NY State as a sanctuary state for undocumented immigrants, does not support the DREAM Act and does not support giving state ID’s to undocumented immigrants.

Campaign Finance Reform

Brian fully endorses all efforts to overturn the disastrous Citizens United decision and enact REAL campaign finance reform in the State.

Flanagan refuses to bring to a vote real campaign finance reform measures such as: closing the LLC loophole, limiting outside income for legislators and enacting term limits.

Gun Rights

Brian strongly supports enacting common-sense gun reform legislation, strengthening background checks and banning bump stocks.

Flanagan opposes strengthening background checks and funding research into gun violence. He has denied the opportunity for common-sense gun legislation to come to a floor vote.

Criminal Justice

Brian believes in second chances for everyone who has committed an offense. Therefore, he supports enacting bold criminal justice reforms to the State’s criminal justice system.

Flanagan does not believe in second chances for those previously convicted of crimes. He has refused to bring to the floor comprehensive criminal justice reform on several occasions.

Voting Rights

Brian supports enacting early voting, holding all primaries on the same date, same-day voter registration and allowing voters to change their party affiliations up to 90 days before a primary election.

Flanagan does not support enacting virtually any type of common-sense measures to make voting easier for New Yorkers. He has been a major roadblock in enacting any type of reasonable voting rights reforms.

Workers’ Rights

Workers are the heartbeat of any economy. Thus, Brian supports raising the minimum wage faster, expanding the Paid Family Leave program, ending mandatory arbitration employment agreements and expanding workers rights across the board to level the playing field.

Flanagan opposes raising the minimum wage at a faster rate and he does not support expanding labor and workers’ rights in the workplace. However, he does support giving employers more leverage in the workplace, to allow the playing-field to become even more unbalanced.

Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Not only does Brian fully support the expansion of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, but he also supports a Universal Basic Income. He feels that every person should be entitled to receive government assistance to help pay for ordinary and everyday expenses.

Flanagan is opposed to any more “government handouts.” He supports cutting back access to popular basic programs such as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.


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